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Terms & Conditions

Restrictions On Use:
Zeal rotor blades & propeller systems are designed for proper helicopter and multi rotor use, requiring pilot proficiency & understanding for proper use. It is the pilots sole responsibility to understand the proper usage of Zeal blades for the application at hand, flying in a manner that does not compromise any elements of safety while in flight.
Restrictions of Liability:
Zeal rotor blades & propellers cannot / will not be held liable for any damages or injury resulting in the usage of Zeal products. It is the pilots sole & complete responsibility to fly in a manner that always encompasses safety in the event of loss of controlled flight, and to always fly in a manner and area that provides maximum levels of safety for the pilot, bystanders, property and animals.
Satisfaction Guarantee:
Zeal rotor blades & propellers are designed to provide the very best in helicopter & multi rotor flight, and at Zeal, it is our goal to meet your every need when it comes to your next flight. All Zeal rotor blades are covered by our warranty to be free of defects, flaws, or other errors in quality or performance. If a Zeal rotor blade or propeller does not meet to your liking, please contact us or your vendor of purchase, and this matter will be addressed as quickly as possible.